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"I couldn't find the clothes I liked, so I made my own. Misona

MISONA garments are unique, individually cut and made with love for you to enjoy it! Some garments can be made by order!


"These clothes are so soft, it feels like second skin!"

This is the usual remark by hundreds of dish-cloth wear lovers.It was in London at the beginning of the 90s. Recession hit us badly and hence the idea to make clothes from the dish cloth (80% knitted cotton with 20% mixed fibres i.e. recycled leftovers). Hand dyed and cut and stitched with FLUORO thread, FUNKY and STYLISH garments looked quite different when worn under the black light at GOA PARTIES. I created them with love in friends' bathrooms, bedrooms, everywhere I travelled worldwide and at home, every piece carries special energy! Participated at the London's Portobello Fashion Show.


This collection made from 100% cotton jersey is marked by femininity and simplicity of the design with a special attention to the neck line. Seemingly unfinished garments feel COMFORTABLE and FUN and look SEXY and VERY ATTRACTIVE, no matter the SIZE of your BUST. I received many COMPLIMENTS from the customers worldwide! Also these garments are hand cut by me and stitched by friendly tailors in Goa. Participated at the Ingo's Nite Bazaar fashion show, Goa (India).


In this collection you'll be assured you're wearing garments manufactured in ENVIRONMENTALLY AND LABOUR FRIENDLY way. The fabric is made of ORGANICALLY GROWN COTTON that has not been treated in any way by hazardous chemicals, the soil on which cotton has been grown lies unharmed and the clothes will remind you that you are being ECO-FRIENDLY and AWARE of YOUR FOOT PRINTS!

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